Friday, December 18, 2009

Why Do You Like Movies?

I was sitting with a friend the other night over dinner and we always end up in the conversation of why am I doing what I am doing? "Why do you want to be producer?" is always a question that is touched upon in our conversations. Today I was able to answer that in a note that solidified my beliefs in what I feel I want out of film. I realized in writing my response to him, that it pretty much came down to a broader question of why I like movies and why I want to work in them and do what I want to do. So the purpose of this question is to determine why you, why everyone likes movies? They could be simple answers. The reasons could touch on your experiences with film or certain movies that you love. In essence its such a simple question, but why does anyone like movies, so that is what I pose to you. Why do you like movies? Post your response in the comments, share it with your friends, have them post. There are no right or wrong answers, post what you feel is appropriate. Back your answer to the question with a reason, share whatever knowledge you want as to why you like movies.